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Recently, we had the pleasure of taking part in a great event organised by TOMS shoes and DEBUT contemporary. We had the chance to talk to Holly (Marketing Coordinator at TOMS shoes) and some of the participating students and wrapped it up in a nice short video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


Tanner Goods is a small leather goods manufacturer located in Portland, Oregon. They work hard to manage multiple storefronts and offer a wide range of hand crafted leather accessories. They thrive on their attention to detail and appreciation for top quality products. In the future they plan to expand their product line to include non-leather goods such as eyewear and time pieces, while maintaining their strong roots in simplicity and utilitarian product design.

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Visual artist Antony Crook, in collaboration with Rapha and RSA Films, presents Knock for Knock. Shot in Tokyo, with a soundtrack from Mogwai and a script written by long-distance cyclist James Bowthorpe, the film represents a sportsman’s fight against his inner demons.

“We thought of this as a sequel to 30 Century Man [Crook and Bowthorpe’s last collaborative film] – a journey again… Knock For Knock looks inwards, into memory, into fear and fighting it.”
– James Bowthorpe

[vimeo w=455&h=265]

A just 4 years old, Charlie Doherty first asked people to give money to worthy causes instead of gifts for his birthday when he saw the effects of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami on television. Since then Charlie from Crawley has been fundraising for Scottish-based charity Mary’s Meals and has raised just over £15,000.

This Fidgit looks at the journey he’s had to this point and highlights that it is never too early to make a difference.

Strength grows out of struggle and your successes are based on how well you overcome your struggles in life. Struggle is a clever device through which nature compels humanity, which encourages you to develop, expand and progress. It’s either an ordeal or a magnificent experience, depending on your attitude toward it. Your success is impossible, sometimes unthinkable even, without it.

In Kevin’s case, he has had to meet and overcome many struggles in life and the important lessons are the ones he learned from and grew from. This Fidgit seeks to highlight his attitude toward struggles as well as the education he received from each and every  encounter.