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Recently, we had the pleasure of taking part in a great event organised by TOMS shoes and DEBUT contemporary. We had the chance to talk to Holly (Marketing Coordinator at TOMS shoes) and some of the participating students and wrapped it up in a nice short video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


A 9 year old boy who built an elaborate cardboard arcade in his dad’s used auto parts store is about to have the best day of his life.

[vimeo w=455&h=265]


Jolanta is an aspiring artist and she studies filmmaking using computer technologies at UCA Rochester.  Here she tells us about how listening to advice from a previous Fidgit, David Shillinglaw, payed off exceedingly giving her great confidence and a number of exciting opportunities as she prepares to graduate.

We all need small wins to keep us going, for it is these victories that give us that push we sometimes need when pursuing our goals. Storybox celebrates the small victories that we often overlook from day to day, serving as a forum for sharing experiences and lessons learned.

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The journey to self-discovery is often a bumpy one. The obstacles are different for each individual, and can be economic, cultural or familial. Men and women both struggle against societal expectations in an effort to be true to themselves and live a life full of meaning and purpose. For some it is a matter of survival, for others less so.

Nonetheless we have all at one point felt great difficulty in figuring out who we are and why we here. It may sound funny, but to Simone, animation has been his savior. In this Fidgit he explains how animation as an art form is unique in its ability to open people’s eyes — and not just those of whom practice it.